It is well known that these days dementia cannot be cured. There, though, are things that you and I can do in order to better treat dementia in a way that can actually prevent it not strictly medically but. This has been a result of an international initiative to pin down ways to treat Alzheimer dementia, try and stop it from occurring and at least delay its coming. The idea is to find put ways to do this even before dementia may start to occur.

To prevent it means to make an effort to avoid its occurrence. Tests conducted have shown that there are factors which actually can bring Alzheimer’s later than it would otherwise come or that can absolutely prevent it from happening. There other similar ways and means that are also being researched to see if they work. All of these confirmed and presently being researched methods are confined to dementia that come as a result of only Alzheimer’s dementia though. There has been no head way into ways to do the same for other forms of dementia.

One researched method is the lessening of homocysteine in the body. The study showed that amino acid homocysteine resulted in an increase of the chances of getting Alzheimer’s dementia by 2.8 times and vascular dementia by 4.9 times. To do this, the method that worked the best was to administer large amounts of three kinds of B vitamins to the patients – folic acid, B12 and B6. It resulted in a slow but yet some falling back of the Alzheimer’s dementia. Since the results have been more positive, researchers have been testing the method on more people.

Bringing down cholesterol levels has also proved to work as studies have shown that high cholesterol levels do indeed affect the occurrence of dementia. It is one of the factors of the process that forms amyloid plaques in the brain. Lowering blood pressure also has worked showing a 55 per cent decrease in the risk of dementia once past the age of 60 in people who underwent treatment for hypertension.

Exercise is one thing that can bring it down that we can literally get up and do by ourselves. The result is in the release of chemicals that allow neurons to adapt to new environments. Another interesting thing is the fact that if you know less about it will be less likely to occur to you. Knowledge about it makes the brain bring about nerve cell networks that only make right the cell damage done by Alzheimer’s dementia.

The overall moral of the story is at the end of day, dementia is the loss of mental function. So, if you keep your mind and body active, rejuvenated and healthy then you will most probably not fall victim to it. Any sort of activity that exercises these two will do for this to happen. A study done on 469 people on 75 people confirmed this.