Alzheimer’s disease can’t really be solved by a food routine but it has been noticed that a good amount of nutrition helps to reduce symptoms. Such a nutritional plan includes eating food with equal number of components alongside exercising. One must choose foods well keeping away from saturated cholesterol and fat, excessive sugar usage, regulated alcohol intake, sufficient water consumption and not too much salt usage. It is advisable to consult the concerned physician if any other food intake needs to be monitored.

In particular, here are some rules you could follow. Curd made at home, green leafy vegetables, whole grain food (cereal and bread), fruits and squash make ideal choices for what to put on your plate. What is not in is salt, red meat, chocolate, hamburgers and aerated drinks. Thiamime has chances of doing a whole lot of good to bringing the mind back closer to a more active state of mind. Magnesium is very vital for brain functioning. A less amount of it causes the neurons in the brain to get overexcited. Vitamins wise, most over 65 patients had gross deficiency of the vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and C.

Not only is the food important, so is the eating surroundings. The patient must have absolutely minimal distraction while eating. He must be able to stay focused on his food intake, which is why. He must chew everything well and eat them on small pieces – not stuff his mouth away.

Keeping the patients mouth wet is very important because our bodies signal us less when it is wet. Even otherwise medication tends to dry the mouth, so drinking water constantly is very important. 8 – 10 cups of water a day should do the trick. In case you are unable to administer yourself fluids, then dip a snack like bread or biscuits in water and eat it. Drinking semi waterish fluids also help. Try coffee, tea or milk if water cannot be drunk. Food wet with gravy, sauce etc. also do the trick. Sucking on candy or fruit ice keeps the taste and the wetness. Whatever you do – do not use commercial face wash because the alcohol will make your mouth dry.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the effect of malnutrition or weight maintenance. In order to stay fit, the patient must be given food in smaller amounts more frequently, must be given a vitamin or a mineral tablet once every day and must have a regular liquid diet supplement. But before you implement these you must ask your doctor if these and what else also must be done.